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If you feel like you are drowning in this thing we call homeschooling, no matter the cause, this book can help. Whether you are brand new to homeschooling or a seasoned home educator, we all have times of feeling overwhelmed.

Survival Schooling is a simple and powerful way to refocus our homes and families and to get us out from under the wave of being overwhelmed.

The simpler we can make it, the better the chance for success in our families and homeschools.

This workbook style book helps you create a simpler, more meaningful and successful homeschool experience.


Inside the Handbook:

  • Tips to prioritize family connections & relationships over all else.

  • Areas within our homes to simplify, in order to bring peace and clarity.

  • Tips on how to focus on shared experiences and a love of learning, to overcome academic challenges.

  • Action Items that help you personalize and implement the tips at the end of each section.

  • Planning pages to help you simplify and bring peace into your homeschool.

  • Note pages to fill with your insights.

  • Homeschool resource guide.


Survival Schooling,
a quick read and introspective handbook to encourage and support you through difficult times

as a

“I hope that this handbook will be a comfort and encouragement to you and your family. The feeling of being overwhelmed will always pass,

this book can help it pass faster.

You’ve got this!” - Laena

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