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   San Diego Coastal Explorers started as a name for a group of homeschooling friends exploring America's Finest City with their kids. It quickly became an organized weekly adventure with lesson plans and themes to follow. The need for homeschool specific curriculum became apparent and Laena West started creating them for the group. Those resources were the catalyst for fantastic workbooks, study guides, and journals that San Diego Coastal Explorers Press is now publishing. 



   Laena West lives in sunny San Diego with her husband, 3 of their 4 kids, and their rowdy dog Jedi. As a second generation homeschooler who was homeschooled from 5th- 12th grade, Laena offers insight and experience from both the student and teacher perspective to the homeschool community. The West's two beautiful daughters were homeschooled through graduation and are now grown, one married and one in college. With two elementary aged sons, Laena is still very much in the trenches of homeschooling. Her unique experiences have allowed her to become familiar with a wide array of learning styles, challenges, and needs. This has given her a passion for creating homeschooling materials that address those needs, are fun for kids to use, and make moms excited about teaching. Most days, she and her adventurous boys can be found exploring San Diego, one field trip at a time.

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