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adventurer Level

Approx Grade level PK-1  

Skill stage: Early writing skills 

Parent reads prompts

68 pages




Explorer Level

Approx Grade level 1st-4th  

Skill stage: Works independently

Cursive writing guidelines




Survival Schooling

PDF eBook

A Printable Handbook

47 pages



Survival Schooling

A Handbook


84 pages



Navigator Level

Approx Grade level 3rd-7th  

Skill stage: Reads in cursive

Works independently

68 pages



Voyager Level

Approx Grade level 7th-12th  

Skill stage: Works independently

Prompts focused on Career Exploration

68 pages 



Thankful for these little hands filled with treasure.jpg
Exploring Carlsbad Beach. Even a stroll on the beach turns into a  homeschool day.jpg
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