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Field Trip Journals

by Laena West

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  • Four overlapping levels, spanning kindergarten-12th grade* 

  • 24 two-page layouts for field trips - that’s enough for two field trips a month!

  • Simple leading questions and doodle spaces to fill with creativity.

  • Five Star rating box for the student to rate each field trip.

  • No included instructions - there is not a wrong way to use the journal!

  • Creates a fun keepsake for you and your child.

  • Charlotte Mason, Unit Study, Classical, Unschooler, Eclectic, Secular, Religious, Traditional, or any other type of homeschooler -  we all incorporate field trips! These all-inclusive journals add to each of those experiences.

A closer look at the four levels:


Check out what makes these multi level journals so popular with homeschoolers!

Adventurer Level

Approx Grade level PK-1  

Skill stage: Early writing skills, Parent reads prompts

Large beginner writing guidelines

Dictation space for child to dictate to parent and for parent to write in journal.

Adventurer Level
Explorer Level

Explorer Level

Approx Grade level 1st-4th  

Skill stage: Reads and writes, works independently

Cursive writing guidelines

Navigator Level

Navigator Level

Approx Grade level 3rd-7th  

Skill stage: Reads in cursive,

Works independently 

Knows parts of speech

Voyager Level





Voyager Level

Approx Grade level 7th-12th  

Skill stage: Works independently

Prompts have focus on Career Exploration

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