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Survival Schooling PDF/eBook

Survival Schooling PDF/eBook


*This is a Digital File*

  There are so many life events that happen to all of us. Events that can throw our homes and families, regardless of our schooling choices, upside down and into total crisis mode. It can feel like drowning.

  There is a beauty and an abundance of peace that simplicity can bring to almost any area of life, homeschooling is no different. The simpler we can make it, the better the chance for success, especially when a crisis strikes.

  This handbook is filled with simple tips that I have used through difficult times of my own to help bring comfort, foster a love of learning in my chidlren and to keep them academically engaged.

I hope that this handbook will be a life saving ring and a comfort and encouragment to you and your family during challenging times.


  • Tech Specs

    Downloadable and printable PDF 

    47 pages  

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