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Field Trips are the icing on the home education cake. 

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Even the buildings can teach and inspire us. Fresh morning air and being surrounded by edu
Spending some time with Ancient Artifacts. The scope of human history can bring so much pe
Cabrillo National Monument, such a wonderful place to explore! #nationalparkinourbackyard
Paleontologist make the BEST docents! Roynon Museum of Earth Science and Paleontology is a

Make Memories




Turn your Field Trip adventures into complete learning experiences and create a keepsake of your year with...

Field Trip Journals

"We are loving our field trip journals.

By far our family's best find this school year--

all four of the kids have retained more from

our field trips because of their journals"


"Field trips are a great idea, but sometimes we have trouble making sure our children actually learn something. Laena West’s Field Trip Journals help to solve that problem...

The graphic-organizer layout of the pages makes the task of recording field trip information and observations much more manageable for students than if you were to have them write reports on their own.”   -Cathy Duffy  

Do you have your Field Trip Journals yet_ Want to know more about them_ Check out Cathy Du

Where will you go on your next Field Trip?

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